Review of the AUDACA Skin Care Line for Men

Posted on March 21, 2013



Audaca – the Spirit of Adventure – has recently launched its premium natural skincare line for men. Formulated and manufactured in the UK, the Audaca range was inspired by the Ebers Papyrus, a 3,500 year old Egyptian scroll with the oldest known record of medicinal plant use known today. Using natural ingredients proven over many millenniums ago and traditional aromatherapy principles, Audaca skin supplies for modern day adventurers source plant and essential oils from exotic places like Madagascar, Vanuatu, and Peru. We were fortunate enough to get hold of the entire range and here is our comprehensive review of the Audaca Skin Care Line for Men:

First off, we would like to praise Audaca for formulating their products with highly natural ingredients safe and non-irritating to the skin. When one reads the ingredient lists of any of their products, it doesn’t sound like a chemistry lab order form but that of oils and essences found in plants and fruits. We wrote a post in the past about how skincare products made from only natural ingredients usually don’t perform as well as their non-natural counterparts. However it is not true in this case.

Secondly, all the products share a common signature aroma — some heavy masculine smoky scent derived from a complex blend of essential oils including Brazilian orange, Pacific sandalwood, and French cedarwood. Let us say that this smell was a bit overpowering and very noticeable at first, but when our male staff kept using the Audaca skin care range, we got very accustomed to the scent and didn’t mind it at all. However the scent will not be liked by everyone for sure. For what it’s worth, lots of our female staff did not like the scent either.

Now with the individual product reviews of the line:

1) Wash — This invigorating face and body wash (we prefer to use it only as a face wash due to costs) restores hydration and gently cleanses the skin. Colorless and with a consistency of a liquid serum, this outstanding facial wash easily foams up during use and leaves skin smooth and soft without any hint of over-drying. Our foreheads were nourished and moisturized glowing and there were no dry patches on our skin post wash. The product’s efficacy surpassed our expectations and we rate it as the one of the best performing products out of the entire Audaca range, and one of the best facial cleansers introduced in 2013! On a side note, the signature Audaca scent lingers on your skin even minutes afterwards if scent is an issue.

2) Scrub — This liquid exfoliant features volcanic pumice and walnut shells to remove dead skin and impurities. It’s great to see these type of natural ingredients in face scrubs over synthetic microbeads. Facial scrubs are usually very harsh or too light in the sense that nothing gets rubbed off your face. We found Scrub to be more on the harsher side with varying particle sizes which gave us a more even exfoliation. There was slight redness encountered (we recommend to use a lot of water with this product) and no overdrying post-use. This is a no-frills scrub that does what it’s supposed to do. Also try this product pre-shave for prepping your skin and uplifting hair before whipping out your blade. Manufacturer states to use 2-3 times weekly only.

3) Soothe — This light non-greasy post-shave (aftershave) lotion has a light mobile liquid consistency. It absorbs very fast into the skin and provides a slight cooling refresh to just-shaved skin. It is formulated with aloe vera, vitamin E, and almond oil. We assume this product is supposed to be Audaca’s flagship product since it was by far packaged in the most lavish container, an expensive brown 100ml glass jar as compared to plastic 100ml tubes for all the others. However, we did not find the Soothe to offer such an awesome performance result relative to the Wash and Hydrate’s intended purposes. Hydration only lasted for minutes with this product and was not an effective long-term aftershave moisturizer. Regarding the glass bottle packaging, we were not a big fan of it due to the fact that it just had a screw-on cap. There was no pump and we had to be extremely careful when dispensing the liquid since it pours out extremely fast.

4) Shave — This shaving “lotion” squeezes out of the tube like a light white gel and has no resemblence to a typical shaving cream. The manufacturer describes it as an “unique high-glide formula” making your shave “faster, closer…with less irritation”. We found it NOT to do just that, and can easily deem Shave the worse product out of the Audaca range with an “avoid” rating. After applying the shave lotion onto our face generously, we found that the product gets absorbed into the skin after 15 seconds, so you are left with nothing on your face for protection against your blade. Were we supposed to keep reapplying after it disappeared? But in any case, we continued to shave normally and what resulted was extreme shaving redness and burn. Acada Shave does not provide any protection from your blade. One thing we do not get is that the brand’s other products are mostly superb but this one … we are scratching our heads. Better stick with the TwinLuxe shaving cream instead!

5) Hydrate — We are saving the best for last! This non-greasy facial moisturizer is a fusion of essential oils, vitamin E (a wonderful antioxidant), and jojoba seed oil (a deeply penetrating liquid wax with exceptional skin softening qualities that closely resembles one of our skin’s natural lubricants). It takes around a minute for the Hydrate to completely soak into the skin. But afterwards, your skin feels silky smooth and plump without any heavy feeling or texture. We found this product to offer superb moisturization and loved using it especially right before bed as a night-time revitalizing treatment! Does not cause acne breakouts. Along with the Wash, the Hydrate is one of the top products in the Audaca skincare range, and certainly ranks up there with the best face moisturizers we have used.

*** To sum it all, Audaca SkinCare for Men is a great line to purchase and a must-have for someone looking for pure natural male grooming products. With moderate component prices averaging the mid-$20’s you cannot go wrong. The only thing we are hesitant about is the strong masculine aroma found in all the products. Some men will like it and some men will be turned away from it. However since we enjoyed using the Hydrate and Wash so much and putting the scents aside, we have added Audaca to our preferred top 5 picks of Best Luxury Men’s Skin Care Lines. We recommend that every man purchase Audaca’s core skin care components (Wash, Hydrate, & Scrub) but pass on their shaving components (Shave & Soothe). What’s going to be next in their lineup … a sunscreen since this range is supposed to be products for an outdoors adventurer?