Review of BIOTHERM HOMME Force Supreme Serum – Youth Architect

Posted on March 15, 2013


Biotherm-Homme-mens-skincare-Force-Supreme-Youth-Architect-Serum-anti-agingBiotherm’s latest breakthrough men’s skin care product is their Force Supreme Serum – Youth Architect. It’s their first anti-aging serum specifically targeted to reconstruct, reinforce, and revitalize skin. Here is our product review of it:

Well how does it work? The secret is through three special ingredients:

1. Thermal Plankton Cellular Water — a nutrient rich fluid responsible for preventing moisture loss from the skin’s surface.
2. Blue Algae Extract (Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae) — it’s one of the oldest forms of life on earth (3.5 Billion years) and is mega rich in nutrients, particularly proteins. The Blue Algae extract stimulates specific markers involved in the construction of new cells.
3. Pro-Xylane — Biotherm’s specially developed molecule that rebuilds skin’s structure and density

So overall this powerful concentrate claims to make your skin firmer, skin texture more refined, and your fine lines and wrinkles smoothed out. Well does this product really perform as advertised? After thorough testing by our staff, our conclusion is yes and no.

First off, we were happy to see that the Biotherm Homme serum was super light weight feeling and immensely fast absorbing like a face serum should be. We were happy with the skin moisturization results which kept our face feeling plump and hydrated. And because of this plumpness, we noticed a little smoothing improvement in our sagging wrinkles and pesky fine lines. However we were somewhat disapppointed in that the “reshaping” of our face didn’t last too long … maybe only fifteen minutes or so and then it wore off. So the long-term performance was iffy but the short-term efficacy was instant. (On a side note: One instructional thing to note is to remember to shake the bottle well before use which we kept forgetting to do.)

The Biotherm Homme Force Supreme Serum Youth Architect is a great hydrating skin reshaper but not best performing anti-aging serum we have used. It’s modestly priced at $65 / 1.69 fl oz and worth trying out.