Review of LA PRAIRIE Advanced Marine Biology Day Cream SPF 20

Posted on March 11, 2013


La Prairie skincare products are found at almost every upscale department store as well as their own branded spas found in the world’s most presitigious 5-star hotels and resorts around the world. Why? Because performance women’s skin care sells.

La_Prarie_Advanced_Marine_Biology_Day_Cream_SPF_20-where-to-buy-product-review-womens-luxury-skincare-2La Prairie has just introducted their new Advanced Marine Biology range. Used for the first time in a skincare treatment products, their proprietary aqua culture harvested and extracted from the depths beneath the oceans provide astounding anti-aging properties effects for restoring the balance of your skin’s natural ecosystem while protecting it against premature aging. Here we review one product of the line, the La Prairie Advanced Marine Biology Day Cream SPF 20:

Anyone looking for an effective SPF sun protection moisturizing lotion should consider purchasing this product. Its consistency is like that of a gel-lotion and not a heavy cream as the name suggests. Most SPF creams are heavy and greasy, however this Day Cream is a refreshing light-weight feeling facial moisturizer that does not clog pores. Recommended usage directions are to first cleanse and tone prior to use.

Post application when we ran our fingers across our face, our skin felt an odd “stickiness” to it (in a good way!). Not like an intense sticky wet hard candy, but a super moisturized faint skin stickiness. It is very hard to describe this sensation but its a feeling of having your epidermis flushed with hydration making it super smooth, firm, and plump bubbling with life. The magical skin hydration of this product lasts throughout the day (two thumbs up!).

We would not use this product as a full-time sunscreen though. Its SPF 20 rating is not high enough for us. If it were SPF 30+ rated, we would have no problem using it as our face sunblock at the beach. However we recommend people apply an additional stronger UVA/UVB protecting product on top of it for maximum UV ray protection if you were outdoors for most of the day.

The ingredient list is ENORMOUS and packed with a gamut of algae extracts. It does contain parabens which is questionable for a naturally sounding product name.

Priced at $135 for 50 ml / 1.7 oz, this product packs enough power in it for us to not say this product is overpriced relative to other La Prairie luxury skin care products. The Advanced Marine Biology Day Cream SPF 20 is relatively more expensive than other moisturizing sunscreens but consider it more of a much needed day revitalizing face treatment that can also be used as a light sunscreen.