Review of ZIRH Body Bar

Posted on March 4, 2013


ZIRH Skin Care has brought their Body Bar back by popular demand! Packaged in a sleek attractive silver box, this cleansing blue body bar not only washes away dirt and oil but also exfoliates skin and helps prevent body acne on the back, upper arms, legs, and chest. This is your bacne fighting solution!

Key Ingredients:

Triple Alpha Hydroxy Acids to help remove dead surface skin cells
Retinol (Vitamin A) to repair and stimulate collagen and elastin for firmer smoother skin
Titanium Dioxide to reflect harmful UV rays from being absorbed into the skin
Vitamin E antioxidant to protect against environmental aggressors and to moisturize

Upon testing, we have noticed that the natural titanium dioxide will get washed down the drain as well as the retinol (it won’t have enough time to be absorbed into your skin during your showers). So as far as this Body Bar giving you firmer skin protected from UV rays … we don’t think so. It’s a great marketing highlight but no skin care miracle. We can though attest that the product does indeed keep body skin staying hydrated and moisturized, unlike cheap soaps that are too harsh and dry our your skin like Irish Spring and too oily like Dove, making it one of the best men’s body soap bars we have ever used. We would however recommend that the soapy foam not be applied onto your face. Instead wash your face with an appropriate facial cleanser.

One of our staff members plagued with bacne did attest that his pimples all over his back and skin were reduced after the two week trial. He will even continue to purchase refills in the future as part of his bacne treatment. We also found the soapy suds scent very pleasing and mild. Another great quality of this body bar is that it lathers up real easily and nicely so you don’t need to use much product per use.

A strange (but good) thing we really enjoyed about the cleansing soap bar is that it does not turn soft in the shower! Super sturdy and rigid, this bar will not dissolve away like those cheap Ivory soaps. We estimate a ZIRH Body Bar will last you an entire month or two upon daily shower use. Even though ZIRH is a men’s skin care brand, we recommend women to use this product too.

For people who have smooth bathtub or shower floors, you will notice that the product leaves these tiny pebbly feeling residue. This is probably the physical exfoliators in the soap. This is not much of an issue if you have mosiac shower floors.

Starting this month, you can purchase the ZIRH Body Bar at Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, and Dillards stores nationwide (and of course Price: $15 / bar. In our opinion, worth every penny!