Review of CARITA Cotton Cream

Posted on February 21, 2013


For people who do not know Carita skin care, it was founded in Paris by the Carita sisters. Their mission was to provide luxurious treatments for Face, Body & Hair. Today we are doing a product review of the Carita Cotton Cream (Creme De Coton):


We decided to try out this product because of one particular reason — their intriguing use of cotton cells in women’s luxury skincare. What can cotton extract do for the skin? After using this product for our minimum two week trial period, we relunctantly found that it doesn’t do much.

From the product’s marketing campaign, the Carita cream is an age-prevention moisturizer for sensitive skin. On the manufacturer’s website, it states that this product is suitable for “All, Sensitive” skin types. What? All skin types or just only sensitive?

The cotton cells used here are supposed to “increase the speed and efficiency of the skin’s self-defense” mechanisms. We are not entirely clear what that means. After digging up more research on Gossypium (Cotton) Fruit Water, the key to this product, it is supposed to be a super hydrating ingredient though we could not find much information about its use in skin care or its proven effectiveness.

Other natural ingredients to note used in this Creme De Coton are: Shea Butter (a very effective moisturizer), Sandalwood Oil (a great cleansing astringent), Peppermint Extract (a cooling skin soother), and Sunflower Seed Extract (a solution that helps in the glide of the product). Suprisingly for such an upscale luxe niche product, it contains parabens.

Now as far as the Cotton Cream’s effectiveness, we did not experience the promised anti-aging capabilities of this product. We agree that this product hydrates the skin to a high level making it silky soft but its lightweight formula did not help postpone visible signs of aging in sensitive skin. On a positive note, it is alcohol-free, fragrance-free, colorant-free, and hypoallergenic.

Overall, the Carita Cotton Cream did not win our hearts. We would recommend it for its highly potent moisturizing properties but not for its age prevention claims. And priced at $136 for 1.7 oz, we will probably hide our wallets again when we pass this product in the cosmetic aisles.