Sunscreen Bands That Monitor Your Sun UV Exposure

Posted on February 12, 2013


Don’t you sometimes forget or lose track of when to reapply sunscreen while at the beach? Having too much fun riding the waves or just being too absorbed into what you are doing may sometimes result in you getting a sunburn. Well not any more!

JADS INTERNATIONAL, LLC SUNSCREEN BANDSSunscreen Bands, a fully owned subsidiary of JADS International – a worldwide consumer products company specializing in personal care products, will launch this March 2013 a wearable wrist band that reminds the wearer when to reapply sunscreen.

How it works: Sunscreen Bands patented color changing technology detects the level of UVA/UVB rays based on the SPF level of a person’s sunscreen, spray, or cream. They are simple to use. All you do is place the band around your wrist when in the sun and then spray or apply your sun protection product onto the band when it is purple in color. The bands are pink before sun exposure and quickly turn dark purple after UV exposure. Then with more exposure to the rays, the bands turn light purple (lavender) which signals that it is time to reapply sunscreen. And when one has reached maximum recommended sun exposure for the day, the bands turn cream color.

These innovative sunscreen bands work in salt and pool water making them perfect for water sports. They are also compatible with all sunscreen products with a SPF 15+ but not recommended for people with Type I skin (the fairest type).

Starting next month, they will be available for purchase in packs of 5 at your Kmart and Bed Bath & Beyond stores as well as select speciality grocery and baby product stores. Price will average around $1 per band. This will be a great product to wear when at the beach or while enjoying outdoor sporting activities. Why didn’t anyone come out with this idea sooner?

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