Sunscreen Latex

Posted on February 4, 2013



The above picture is what most people probably think of latex…some body-hugging shiny suit. However just recently, scientists in France have developed a water-resistant patch made out of latex and treated with a UVB filter. Their goal was to use this SPF patch as a thick uniform layer of sunscreen to be applied onto wounded skin, which is more susceptible to sun exposure damage.

latex-patch-sunscreen-with-uvb-filter2This nanostructured latex film was the product of inventor Aggeliki Triftaridou and ESPCI-ParisTech. The UV filter used in this sunscreen patch is 2-ethylhexyl-4-methoxycinnamate (EMC), also used in more than 75% of sunscreens because of its high water insolubility and low rate of photoallergic reactions to human skin.

What’s also interesting about this new sunscreen latex film is that is it not sticky to touch and adapts easily to skin motion. So if you have a large exposed wound in need to sun protection, throw out the lotion sunblock and put on this latex patch.

My question now is when will the stem cell sunscreen patch come out? That would be the ideal skin healer and rejuvenator band-aid! In the meanwhile, we still recommend using our top pick for best UV sun protection infused with stem cell technology — TwinLuxe Anti-Aging SPF Moisturizer!


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