Review of ANTHONY LOGISTICS FOR MEN – Continuous Moisture Eye Cream

Posted on January 26, 2013


Anthony-Logistics-For-Men-Continuous-Moisture-Eye-Cream-luxury-skin-care-productsI used to work at a high-profile spa in the financial district of New York City and most of the patrons frequenting here were men. I guess the 7-figure making brokers and bankers all want a clean super complexion for their power lunches at The Four Seasons. One of the most inquired about men’s skin care products from my clients was for an effective night time eye cream.

I have yet to use a very good men’s eye cream to date so maybe I need to start venturing over into the women’s aisles for some better product. However, one eye cream that I need to write about is the Anthony Logistics For Men Continuous Moisture Eye Cream. Why? Because it is a perfect example of a product I will never use again and I want my readers to not waste their $33 on it, and especially only for a 0.75 oz tube.

The Anthony eye cream is very heavy in texture and also feels heavy on your skin after application. I personally like cremes which are fast absorbing and light-weight feeling. Though if you are using this at night, a heavier eye cream like this one will keep your skin more hydrated. The ingredient list for this product is uninspiring and to me does not justify the $44 / oz price tag. The product’s objective is to “Tame your crow’s feet”, however, I did not feel it did anything to help promote its advertised anti-aging benefits even after daily night-time use for two weeks.

In summary, the Continuous Moisture Eye Cream is one I would avoid based on poor product performance. It is also a piece of the pie as to why I am not a fan of the Anthony Logistics For Men skin care range in general.