Review of ZIRH PLATINUM: R2 R-Evolution Post Shave Healing Balm

Posted on December 27, 2012


This is part three of my Zirh Platinum men’s luxury skin care review series. I had reviewed their Drenched face moisturizer product and their Age Defense environmental cream in previous posts. Now we are onto their R2 R-Evolutionaftershave balm. Here is my product review of it:

First thing noticeable about the R2 R-Evolution post shave healing balm upon application is that it’s very light-weight feeling and non-greasy. This product definitely gets absorbed into your skin quickly. If it isn’t spread onto your face expeditiously, the product vanishes into your epidermis and one needs to reapply more product to the unattended areas. It’s like your skin vacuums the balm into its pores.

This aftershave balm gets the job done. I feel a slight tingly cooling sensation post-application which lets me know that the product is at work comforting my skin from the self-inflicted shaving damage. My skin feels baby butt soft as well as moisturized. There is no scent to this healing balm.

In the cold winter months, it is imperative to always properly hydrate and moisturize your skin as the blistering cold and freezing wind dry out your skin. My hands during this time usually get a bit flaky and chapped. Imagine what the cold weather then does to my face! So now is a great test to see how well the R2 R-Evolution balm performs in cold weather. My verdict: It’s a great product to use indoors but not the best men’s skincare aftershave balm to weather the cold as my face felt dry outdoors just only after 10 minutes. It is rare to find an aftershave balm which can also protect your skin like a hydrating long lasting moisturizer. I have only found one to date which I reviewed earlier this year here.

Some of the nice natural ingredients found in this product are Licorice, Rosewood, & Watermelon extracts. It’s also suitable for ALL skin types.

In all, the Zirh Platinum ‘R2 R-Evolution’ post shave healing balm priced at $65 for 3.4 oz / 100 ml is a great product to use after a shave, but I think a more nourishing facial moisturizer would have to be applied afterwards to maximize your skin’s hydration through the day.