Review of ZIRH PLATINUM: Drenched

Posted on December 4, 2012


After an overwhelming positive experience with Zirh Platinum ‘Age Defense’, I was excited to try out the other men’s skin care products in the expensive Platinum lineup. My next stop was Zirh Platinum Drenched‘. Drenched is advertised as an “ultra hydrating moisturizer” for normal to dry skin. Here is my product review of it:

Zirh Platinum - Drenched

Zirh Platinum – Drenched

So first things first, if you have oily skin avoid this product because the manufacturer said to. Men with oily complexions will find that Drenched feels too heavy for them. Oil blotting paper (after ten minutes post application) reveals that a lot of the product does not really get absorbed into oily skin thus giving the effect that the product feels heavy to them.

However, if you do have dry to sensitive skin, Drenched is a fantastic product! I am not surprised that this super hydrating moisturizer won the Beauty Insider’s Choice award for Male Grooming in 2009 by the CEW Beauty Awards. It provides excellent moisturization of the skin without any of the greasy mess usually associated with a cream. Your skin feels ten years younger instantly after application …. no joke! I would personally rank Drenched as one of the top facial moisturizers for men with it almost comparable in product performance to my personal pick for best skin care product of 2012 — the TwinLuxe ‘Anti-Aging SPF Moisturizer‘. There is very little scent to Drenched which I prefer as it doesn’t interfere on the days I do use cologne.

This product is also full of wonderful ingredients such as barley, tomato, and watermelon extracts to peptides (aids in producing more skin collagen) and antioxidants (reduces free radical formation which prevents cell death). End result: this top facial moisturizer helps retain moisture and hydration to the epidermis. This product however does contain parabens.

Drenched is packaged in a tiny black 50 ml / 1.7 fl oz jar. I am not a fan of skin care products that come in a tub due to the fact that they are havens for bacteria growth. It seems very odd to me that lots of skin care manufacturers put their very most expensive skin care products in cheap jar packaging which exposes the product to unwanted environmental factors. Zirh … where are you? Put Drenched in an airless pump container next time!

All in all, Zirh Platinum Drenched is a superb face moisturizer. After a month of usage, your skin will feel buttery smooth soft without the greasy feeling. I really loved this product and encourage any man to buy it if they can afford the hefty $125 price tag.