Review of SHISEIDO Naturgo White Clay Face Wash 120g

Posted on November 25, 2012


The Shiseido Naturgo White Clay Face Cleansing Foam is an average face wash for both men and women, and a little goes a long way for this cleansing foam.  The consistency is fairly dense for a face wash and similar to that of a toothpaste.  I’ve used a plethora of face washes from all various brands from the mass market to ones that contain precious stone mineral scrubs, and my favorite trait of this Shisdeido cleanser is you only need to squeeze out a small dab to clean your entire face and neck.  So a tube of this will last me 2 months if used daily.

Shiseido Naturgo White Clay Face Wash Cleansing Foam 120g

Reasonably priced at around $11 for 120 grams, I feel it’s a decent face cleanser, though definitely not the best, that does its job.  However, after every use I noticed my skin turned a little dry and flaky.  I have extremely sensitive skin, so any face wash that isn’t “perfectly balanced,” I’ll definitely notice a change in my complexion.  For those who have normal skin, you probably won’t notice any drying so I’d recommend this Shiseido face wash for only those who have regular skin type.  Sensitive skiners … take a pass on this one.

Another thing I didn’t like was the feeling of my face post-use.  I felt as if there was some type of invisible layer on my skin afterwards.  There’s no doubt that my face is indeed clean after use.  But if I were to rub it with my hands, my hands would stick to my face due to some type of friction stickiness.  This is not a feeling I like to experience after washing my face, but wouldn’t mind if apparent on other parts of my body such as my arms or legs.  I just don’t like this friction feeling above my neck.

On the positive side, this product contains micro white clay particles from the Italian Alps which can penetrate into the deep layers of the epidermis, drawing impurities buried in the skin outwards.  The minerals also help with anti-aging, soothing wrinkles making skin shine healthier and looking more vibrant.

Overall, I’d rate the Shisedo Naturgo an average cleanser.  It cleans extremely well but I didn’t like the feeling post-wash.