Review of the ZIRH PLATINUM: Age Defense

Posted on October 10, 2012


I was intrigued about Zirh’s Platinum Age Defense because it’s advertised as an environmental response cream which creates an invisible shield on your skin’s surface to ward off free radicals and external aggressors found in our environment. Sounds like the perfect skincare solution if you live in highly air-polluted urban cities like New York City, Tokyo, or Shanghai like I do. Zirh is one of the most well-known names in men’s skin care as they are found in every major department store in America. However, Zirh launched their higher end Platinum range back in 2008 and it has been no looking back since then. I received the Age Defense as a gift (My friends are great at giving! Thank you all!) so I eagerly tested it out and here are my thoughts about it.

First I would like to detail the wonderful ingredients used in it. It’s full of common anti-oxidants found in anti-aging skincare products, such as Vitamin A and E, but also natural ingredients like watermelon fruit extract, thyme flower extract, and wheat germ extract. This combo provides a powerful front to fight off environmental stress and free radicals (producted from pollution, radiation, cigarette smoke and herbicides) affecting your skin by maintaining your epidermis’ homeostatis moisture balance for firmer and smoother feeling skin.

Now as far as feel and performance of the Age Defense goes, I’d like to start off by praising it’s thick cream consistency which gives it a much more luxurious feel. The fragrance-free product has a faint natural scent that dissipates seconds upon application which is great for people who use cologne. The rich hydrating creme dries with a matte finish which feels like you had not put anything on your face in the first place. In a month of using this product which I used sparingly, my skin feels firmer and skin tone more even. As for a cream, it’s not that greasy feeling either. Also, the Zirh product is conveniently packaged in a tiny black tub making it TSA travel safe for carry-ons.

The only down-side to this product is the price tag. At $125 a pop for only 1.6 oz, it’s hard on your wallet and ego. Receiving the Age Defense as a gift, I am all smiles, but not sure if that would be the case if I were standing in front of the Bloomingdale’s cash register. One note to people who are interested in purchasing it: It’s recommended for normal to dry skin types.

All in all, the Zirh Platinum Age Defense is a fantastic anti-aging product anyone should use if they live in smoggy polluted urban cities and one of the best luxury skin care products developed for men.