Review of the LIQUID SKIN CARE (Lqd) Line for Men

Posted on October 6, 2012


I have been using Liquid Skin Care, a newly launched men’s luxury skin care range from Australia, for the past two weeks. There are some outstanding products in their lineup and some not-so-great ones. Considering that they are priced at $35 to $65 a bottle, I’m already expecting a stellar line that offers fantastic performance results. Here is my product review of the entire Liquid Skin Care range for men:

Liquid Skin Care for Men

FACE hydrate $65 / 100ml
This is my favorite product out of the 5 product line-up. Hydrate is a non-oily moisturizer that spreads very evenly and easily onto the skin. Fast absorbing and feeling very light on the skin, the hydration properties of this product lasts easily for hours. It dries with a smooth matte finish which I look for in a moisturizer. I would rate this as one of the new top men’s moisturizers of 2012 behind the TwinLuxe Soothing Face Balm which I reviewed in a previous post here.

FACE scrub $40 / 100ml
This facial scrub definitely gets the job done. My face felt super smooth and rejuvenated after each use. This glycolic acid exfoliant does not dry out your skin or make your skin feel tight (things which a facial product should NOT do). But one thing to note is that this product is very abrasive on the skin. I know some people prefer harsh scrubs and some prefer very gentle microbead exfoliants so this is something I must mention. To me the microbeads used in this scrub felt very sharp and edgy like salt crystals. I definitely would not use this product daily.

FACE wash $35 / 150ml
Based off of how my skin felt after washing and 10 minutes post-washing, I feel this wash product is just an average face cleanser. You get good cleansing results but your face feels slightly tight after use but nourished at the same time (a weird combo but not irritating). The texture of this product is very much like an adhesive liquid gel. Splashing water on your skin will not get this product off your face. I had to run my hands over my face and neck with water to get it completely off.

FACE calm $50 / 50ml
This is Lqd’s aftershave balm/lotion. I was pretty disappointed with this product. After application onto my face, calm felt 99% similar to the FACE hydrate product. I cannot tell the difference between the two except by reading the bottle ingredient lists. An aftershave balm is supposed to soothe all redness and irritation caused by your shaving razor blade but I felt it did not do that. Calm only moisturized the skin very well but I did not think it soothed my skin after shaving. Calm is packaged in a very unique high quality bottle which I enjoyed very much.

FACE shave $40 / 150ml
Shave is my least favorite product out of the line. The bottle description states that this product is “a thick non foaming cream.” I did not find it to be like that. I found that this shaving cream had the same exact consistency and look as the Lqd FACE wash, an adhesive liquid gel. I also followed exactly the directions for use on the bottle and after just one shave, I will never use this product again. My shaving experience felt like I was shaving with only water. My skin felt very ripped up and irritated after shaving. This “thick non foaming cream” provided absolutely no protection against my 5-blade Gillette Fusion.

My overall product review of Liquid Skin Care – Lqd for Men:
Pros: Each component in the range is filled with nice ingredients (anti-oxidants and anti-irritants) … something a luxury men’s skin care range must have. The packaging tubes and bottles used on the Liquid Skin Care line are very high quality. The shave, calm, and hydrate are all packaged in big airless bottles keeping the formulas safe from unwanted bacteria and environmental pollution. The tubes of the wash and scrub have a pleasing soft touch texture feel. I am very happy with the amount of product present in each bottle/tube as I am not a fan of $100+ facial products that come in tiny 15ml containers.

Cons: I am not a fan of the product scents even though all Lqd products are fragrance free. All of the Lqd products have a very “plastic” smell similar to a non-scented lotion that has been sitting in a plastic container for a long time. I am not a poet so my description of the scents may be hard to conjure. One suggestion I have to Lqd is to maybe add a natural smelling ingredient like a plant or fruit oil in very tiny concentrations to all their formulas. Anyways, scent is very subjective and it is impossible to satisfy everyone.