Nutricosmetics – Skin Care Food Literally

Posted on September 13, 2012


Popular in Japan and China, Nutricosmetics (cosmetics you ingest to help improve your skin) has been gaining steam as a novel approach to men’s and women’s skin care. The belief is if you can apply topical products that can improve skin tone and its health, then shouldn’t ingesting them do just that too? For example, Vitamin C does wonders to your skin because it is a great natural anti-oxidant. So eatting Vitamin C should do the same trick too.

Nutricosmetics – for real?

Swedish biochemist Ake Dahlgren, inventor of the original Nutricosmetics called Imedeen — beautiful skin in a tablet — believes in just that. Imedeen’s Time Perfection is a product comprised of Biomarine Complex and LycoPhence GS — these two innovations are a patented skin-defense system that improves the look of your skin by promoting and revealing healthier, brighter, more supple skin. As stated on the Imedeen website, a modern lifestyle means your skin needs extra support. Help it look its best by caring for it from the inside where traditional creams and lotions cannot reach. Eat your skin care!

Not many clinical studies have been conducted to see if nutricosmetics products are actually effective in promoting healthier complexions. Maybe this will be the next big trend and future of anti-aging skin care and beauty.

However, I remain one of the skeptics of nutricosmetics. The biochemical reason why skincare products work when applied directly to your skin’s surface is that they get instantly absorbed and are in contact with the upper part of the epidermis, the most damaged part of your skin that needs “repair”. The mid to lower part of the skin (the dermis and subcutis) is just fine and doesn’t need any “repair”. So performance and efficacy of skincare products can be seen instantly after application. On the other hand, eatting your skin care products doesn’t result in the same effect as applying them topically. It’s because your stomach is a very harsh environment with hydrochloric acid. The pH of your stomach ranges from a ph of 1 to 5, with it being more acidic after a meal and less acidic when your stomach is empty. Imagine what this acidity does to the chemical stability of the key ingredients of “internal skincare” tablets! In addition, just like how I wrote previously in a post here that drinking lots of water does not result in a more hydrated skin (unless you are severly dehydrated and lips are soooo parched), my belief is eatting your anti-aging serum pill will also not result in anti-aging effects on your skin. I doubt that the ingestible nutricosmetics key ingredients will even make it to damaged upper layer of the epidermis to heal the skin.

And would you be a skeptic if you had to purchase nutricosmetic pills from a cosmetics company? What do they know about food and ingestible medicines since nutricosmetics have to be eatten? These internal skincare tablets are not also regulated by FDA.

Why not just take dietary supplements instead? Or why not just eat a good amount of fruits and vegetables daily? Those are full of wonderful vitamins and nutrients that are good for maintaining vibrant skin. Healthier skin comes from eatting good amounts of fruits and vegetables anyways, along with an effective daily skin care maintenance routine.

Bottomline, I an intrigued about the science and approach of nutricosmetics but remain a skeptic for many many reasons. Prove me wrong one day with major clinical studies. Actually if you are a nutricosmetics company, please send me some of your product so that I can try them out myself and be proven wrong!