South Korea – The New Skin Care PowerHouse

Posted on July 21, 2012


South Korean beauty – Song Hye Kyo

In the 1990’s, France was unanimously considered the skin care Super Power. The newest and best beauty products came from France and everyone wanted to look like the sexy French women. However things have changed over the decades. Now in the skincare world especially women’s luxury skin care, South Korea is now the new France.

The rate of beauty innovation of South Korean brands is far outpacing any other country’s beauty brands. This is clearly seen in the super advanced technology (such as their skin care lasers and photo facials) used in South Korea for purposes of self-beautification. Even women from China and Taiwan make special group trips to South Korea for the sole purpose of geting beauty treatments and plastic surgery done there.

Well what is driving this rapid rate of beauty innovation in South Korea? It’s their obsession with flawless skin as well as to their wanting to look like royalty as in ancient times. Female nobles back then always had bright and whitish complexions. Female slave workers would be working in the fields all day and their skin complexions would be all browned and tan. The nobles did not want to look like them so upheld the whitish complexion as total royal beauty. And to this day, this continued demand for skin whitening has spurred the growth of technological beauty innovation in the country from their high tech beauty skin lasers to their pioneering the use of stem cells in women’s luxury anti-aging skin care products.

Laneige whitening cream advertisement

How much are South Korean women obsessed with skin care? The average Korean woman uses around 18 different skin care products each day. That sums it all! Their local drugstore shelves are packed with the latest and most effective beauty products that are equivalent to OTC-strength products only obtained by prescription in the USA. It is no surprise that many Americans these days now consider South Korean skin care products as the “secrets” of their beauty routine. Some residents of Seoul find it funny that Americans are finally now discovering certain products used in Korea already for years or decades to be considered “fresh and novel” beauty products in America. One such example is Blemish Balm Cream (also referred to as BB cream) which is supposed to be a multi-functioning moisturizer, primer, foundation, and sunblock all in 1 single product.

On a side note, one USA product that I find comparable in performance effects to the best Korean female skin care products is by the luxury niche brand TwinLuxe called the Anti-Aging SPF Moisturizer which is an infused stem cell technology anti-aging moisturizing sunscreen. You can read my product review about it here as it is my pick for 2014’s best men’s and women’s skin care product.

In summary, South Korea holds the world’s lastest beauty secrets. Everyone is watching and wanting to learn from them and look like them.