Does Your Skin Feel Tight After You Use a Facial Cleanser?

Posted on July 14, 2012


I have had a lot of friends who tell me that after they use a facial cleanser, their faces become tight feeling. And weird thing is that most people like this “tightness” feel as it gives them the perception that their skin is now properly cleansed and nourished. However, this tightness is indeed a harmful sign that your face has been over-dried-out by your facial cleanser!

Tightness in your skin is a result of the removal or essential oils needed to maintain the homeostatis of your skin epidermis. So it means that whatever you are using to wash your face, it’s doing more harm to your skin complexion and that you should probably trash it and get a new cleanser. In general, avoid soaps as they will strip away too much oil from your skin and cause skin flaking.

One thing to consider trying if your facial wash product tightens your skin is to use half the normal usage amount of product. If you still encounter tightness after that the product is just too harsh for your skin tone. Time to throw it in the garbage! However, if you use half the amount that you normally use and encounter no skin tightness but still get the proper cleansing effects then it probably means you were using too much product washing your face.

My recommendation would be to buy a top rated facial cleanser that also works as a mask. Products like this usually contain other top shelf ingredients (like Shea Butter to give an example) which help hydrate and moisturize your skin so that the cleanser is not harsh and overly drying. In a previous post, I suggested a specific facial wash that works great for both men and women.

But bottomline, if you feel skin tightness after using any cleansing skin care product, it may signal that this product isn’t for you and that you should consider stop using it.