Beware of Skin Care Products Packaged in Jars

Posted on July 2, 2012


I have always questioned why are many high-end serums and the best facial cremes for men and women packaged in tiny jars with removable top lids?

From a sanitary and stability point, it just doesn’t make sense. Once the product in a jar is exposed to air, the environmental elements affect its stability and freshness. The product’s shelf life is reduced slowly over time after the jar is constantly opened and closed after each use. And most importantly, the top shelf “magical” ingredients marketed to be inside these fountain of youth anti-aging skin care products become less effective over time due to the their exposure to air when the lids are opened. And not to mention that some people just dip their fingers inside the jars to scoop out product instead of using throw-away tiny plastic spoons. This just encourages unwanted bacteria and germs found on the surface of your fingertips, the dirtiest body part of a human being, to now be hosted inside your $300 night repair facial cream.

So my personal recommendation is to avoid all men’s and women’s skincare products packaged in jars and especially the ultra luxury high-end ones. What’s the use of spending hundreds of dollars on one “miracle” serum when over time the active ingredients inside them eventually become unstable and lose their effectiveness? Buy only the best men’s and women’s skin care products packaged in airless pump bottles to maximize its freshness, stability, and performance.