Father’s Day Gift Ideas – Skincare or Shaving?

Posted on June 4, 2012


Father’s Day is close by and so why not have a post about possible skin care or shaving gifts for your man?

Men in general need a little coaxing when it comes to skin care maintenance. How many men buy their own facial moisturizers and toners? However 99.9% of men buy shaving products themselves. So why not buy the perfect gift for him — buy him shaving products (which he will use) that work also as skin care routine products (which you want him to use) so that he only has to do one step each day to get clean shaven and soft healthy skin? Kill 2 birds with one stone.

From this, I can wholeheartedly recommend only 1 high performance men’s luxury skin care and shave care brand that comes to mind: TwinLuxe.
TwinLuxe - best men's luxury skin care and shaving products
Get TwinLuxe’s entire Shaving Skincare range for your man for Father’s Day. They are absolutely the best products I have tried on myself and my wife loves to use them too especially the Booster Serum and Instant Energy Mist products. Let me know what you think of them after you purchase them. I’d be happy to share your comments with my readers as well.

And if you really want to give him that sophisticated and unique gift that just says I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, why not too get him a TwinLuxe ultra-modern brush and razor shave set designed by the exterior designer of the Rolls-Royce Phantom car!? 🙂

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