Safe Spa Treatments for Pregnant Women

Posted on May 28, 2012


Spa Treatments for Pregnant WomenBeing with child is one of the most beautiful experiences a woman can have. Feeling your baby’s foot kicking or feeling your baby stretching inside with hand and foot pressing the inside of your womb forges the intimate bond between mother and child. But pregnancy can take its toll onto women. Morning sickness, nausea, and the extra burdon of knowing you will be financially responsible for your new little one can give mothers extra unwanted stress. Going to a spa can help relieve some of this stress. It is good to unwind by pampering yourself when you are with child. However, a pregnant mother must be careful of what spa treatments won’t harm the baby.

Here we will talk about four simple and safe spa treatments a pregnant mother can experience:

1) Manicures — manicures and hair treatments are perfectly safe for pregnant women. The thrill and smiles of having beautiful nails always feel sexy. If the scent of nail polish is too strong for you during this time you may want to opt for just a hand massage instead.

2) Pedicures — foot treatments always feel like heaven. Plus with the extra pounds added to your belly area, your feet are feeling more bloated and stressed then ever. Get a great relaxing foot rub-down for instant relaxation therapy.

3) Facials — facial spa treatments are another great beauty remedy for pregnant women. Some women experience acne breakouts due to the above normal hormonal activity during pregnancy so getting a facial will help calm your skin and make you feel beautiful again. There is no better feeling than experiencing the elixirs of youth being massaged onto your face in search of anti-aging results. Facials are usually performed with you laying flat on your back however your esthetician can situate you in a more comfortable position if desired.

4) Massage — full body massages are a must for pregnant women. You may be a little more conscious about your body now and probably a bit worried about getting a massage near the beautiful buldge, but don’t worry about it. Your massage therapist knows which areas to avoid applying pressure and some even specialize in prenantal massage treatments. If you are very specific to certain odors during this time, please tell your massage therapist so that he/she can avoid using any products with those scents.

All in all, induldging yourself when you are pregnant is the best way a mother can feel relaxed and de-stressed from the daily rigors of pregnancy. Just avoid any therapies that require you to experience excessive heat such as heated water treatments, saunas, or steam rooms. But don’t avoid the spa just because you are expecting. Seek your local spas and keep pampering yourself!