Men: New to Skin Care and Don’t Know What to Buy and Use?

Posted on March 27, 2012


Women have always been fortunate when it comes to exposing themselves to skin care. They are pretty knowledgable on which products to use and how to use them. Maybe it’s because women spend significantly more time in front of the mirror than men or maybe because women just talk more in general about cosmetics and how to get healthy glowing skin with their female companions. Men on the other hand in general are not the ones to talk with the other guys about which toner works best for them or which brand of facial mask they prefer. As a result, men need more help when it comes to their skin care maintenance daily routines.

This post is for all you men out there who want to learn more about men’s skin care products and intrigued on learning how to keep their skin looking and feeling healthy. With so many different products now to choose from specifically tailored to men, its is commonplace for any man to feel overwhelmed by the plethora of products offered at your local department store men’s grooming section. Think of it like a women going into an Autozone and having no clue what to buy for her broken down car.

My advice for you Y chromosomes, is this…Start off with 2 or 3 core skin care products to use on a daily basis and then once you are comfortable with them, expand your arsenal to include one more skin care product such as a Serum and so forth. Understand what they do for you and how good they are for your skin. My personal recommendations would be to start off with a daily facial cleanser, a daily facial moisturizer, and a toner as your core skin care maintenance products. A facial cleanser and moisturizer are pretty self-explantory as to their purposes but if you are not familiar what a toner is, please read more about it here in a previous post I wrote. I believe those 3 products are the most important to your skin and using them daily will improve you skin’s tone and vibrancy.

But which brand facial cleanser, moisturizer, and toner should I buy? There are so many offered for men! If you are the novice, then I would start off with inexpensive products from Neutrogena that you can get at your local CVS or RiteAid which are pretty good for the money. Get comfortable using those 3 types of products everyday. Once you feel you are more serious about taking care of your skin, then I would upgrade your products to a much superior men’s luxury skin care range. My pick would be the TwinLuxe Shaving Skincare line. Their stuff is top notch and I believe simply the best stuff out there on the market for men. Their skin care products are not greasy feeling and are definitely high performance products that work also in conjunction with your shaving rituals! This is great because your sink will not have to be cluttered with separate skin care products and separate shaving products.

If you are reading this and are male, you should feel proud of yourself. You now know the basic equipment to buy for proper skin care maintenance. And if you are already an avid skin care user, it may be time for you to try out that TwinLuxe Booster Serum if you haven’t already!