Luxury Shaving – What It Stands For in the Year 2012

Posted on March 14, 2012



What exactly is luxury shaving? Everyone has a different opinion but luxury shaving for me is using the finest men’s shaving products and not mass produced men’s grooming products you can find at your local Target or Walmart. Luxury shaving is all about self-indulgence and pampering yourself with the best money has to offer, not using cheap shaving creams or plastic razors. It’s all about the experience. It is time for men to learn how to take care of their face and skin given our society as a whole is paying more attention to skin care and physical appearance. We even have dubbed the terms “metrosexual” and “modern man” for well groomed men.

For those who are interested in diving head first into the world of luxury men’s skin care, here are some basic tips to look for so you know you’re buying only the best grooming products out there:
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Shave Sets
A high quality shave set should consist of 3 pieces – a stand for the set, a manual shaving razor, and a silvertip badger hair brush. If the set you’re looking for doesn’t include all 3, don’t bother wasting your time looking at it. Also keep an eye on the quality of the materials used to make these sets. Buy one made of SOLID metal (preferably stainless steel instead of cheap aluminum) or high-tech materials such as carbon fiber or advanced ceramics. Another tip is to look at the weight of the shave set. If you lift it up, does the set feel light as plastic? If so, run away and put your wallet back in your pocket!
For the man who has everything, I would suggest this luxury shave set from TwinLuxe (if you have read my other posts, I am a true believer of the entire TwinLuxe product line due to its high performance and efficacy qualities. I have been converted from being Kiehl’s and Zirh users). Not only is it made of cutting edge industrial materials, it’s also designed by the Rolls-Royce Phantom exterior designer! This TwinLuxe shave set is the best looking modern shave set on the market today. I know I would feel like a million bucks if I could use it everyday in the morning! It also functions as a piece of modern art for your bathroom given that these days, there aren’t many options for decorative functional art for your bathroom counter. Might as well kill 2 birds with 1 stone right?

Shave Brush
When looking to purchase a shaving brush, be sure to only purchase a brush that uses grade A silvertip badger hair. Don’t buy a cheap brush that uses boar hair or normal badger hair – only buy a silvertip, the silver-colored hair on the back of the badger’s neck found during the Winter seasons. And don’t get fooled into buying an artificial faux silvertip badger hair brush where the hair has been artificially bleached to get the “silvertip” look. Also, cheap brushes use resin brush handles, so avoid those at all costs. A shave brush can last your entire life and can be handed down to your siblings as a family heirloom, so why not buy the best silvertip badger hair shave brush that you can find? You’ll be using it everyday, so definitely splurge.

Shaving Manual Razor
One quick way to tell if a shave set is high quality is looking at the material used for the razor handle. Is the razor handle made out of cheap resin? If so, that’s a tell tale of a cheaply made shave set from China. As with the shave brush, also make sure the razor isn’t too light in weight when you lift the razor up. You need a good weight for balance, so you maximize “the feel” of the razor blade against your face.

Luxury shaving is what you want it to be. Just don’t be cheap about it. Buy the best and don’t use any plastic shave sets. You work hard and deserve the best so treat yourself to the finest shaving products you can find. I always live by the true saying … “You always get what you pay for!”

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