Why use a Facial Skin Toner?

Posted on March 3, 2012


Most men are probably thinking … What the heck is a skin toner?

A skin toner, also usually referred to as just “toner”, is a lotion or liquid wash that is usually applied to the face that cleanses the skin and shrinks the appearance pores.

Toners should be a core product in any man and woman’s skin care maintenance system. They prep the skin so that applying other cosmetic products right afterwards, such as a sunscreen or moisturizer, can be more easily absorbed into the skin as well as spread more evenly on the skin. Try applying a moisturizer on a dry face and then compare it to applying moisturizer on “toned” skin. You will see a HUGE difference. The moisturizer is much more easily spreadable onto the face as well as more evenly absorbed into your skin.

The best part for me is using a toner SAVES $ MONEY $. I’ll explain why through this example: Let’s say my face is dry and clean and I want to moisturize it.
#1 option — I instantly apply a moisturizer onto my skin.
#2 option — I spritz on a Facial Toner and then apply moisturzier right afterwards.
You will definitely notice that the minimal amount of moisturizer needed to cover your face used in option #2 is actually a lot less than the amount of moisturzier needed for your face in option #1. Why? It is because a toned face is more nourished and smoother and so the post-toner product glides over your skin more evenly and easier and less product is needed for complete coverage application. Thus, if your post-toner product is an expensive serum, you will notice that you actually save a lot of money on product if you use a toner beforehand.

Toners usually come in spray mist bottles or are applied with a cotton ball or gauze pad. I prefer spray mist applicators for facial toners because the amount of product wasted is nill compared to that when using a cotton ball soaked with toner. My favorite facial skin toner is the TwinLuxe Instant Energy Mist. It comes beautifully packaged in a modern designed bottle and sprays onto your face like a soothing lavendar-scented waterfall mist. It is marketed as a men’s product but I think its a unisex product. Not only does it refresh and keep your skin smooth, the easy price tag of $26/bottle makes it a product everyone can afford.

TwinLuxe Instant Energy Mist
(picture courtesy of TwinLuxe.com)