Wet Shaving vs. Dry Shaving

Posted on March 3, 2012


There is constant debate between hardcore wet shavers (shaving with a manual blade razor) and dry shavers (shaving with an electric razor) as to which method of shaving gets you a closer shave and which method is better for your skin?

Wet Shaving

I am a proponent for wet shaving over dry shaving. Why? Here are my reasons:

1) You get a closer shave w/ wet shaving. The blade(s) of your manual razor actually touches your skin enabling it to cut your hair follicles the closest allowable. This is not the case for electric razors. There is always a thin piece of metal between your electric razor blade and your skin.

2) Your skin is smoother and gently exfoliated with wet shaving. Slick shave creams provide the much needed protection and lubrication from your blade. And with that, your blade is able to glide down your skin during shaving without causing any skin irritation if using the proper shaving technique. In addition, if you wet shave with a silvertip badger hair shave brush, you also get an extra step of skin exfoliation when you lather your shave cream or soap in circular motions on your beard.

3) Electric razors actually damage your skin during shaving. Have you ever noticed that your skin is dry and flaky after a dry shave? That is because there is no lubrication between your electric razor blades and your skin.

4) Dry shavers usually don’t use any aftershave balms or moisturizers after shaving. I think one of the main reasons why people us an electric razor to shave is because it gets the job done fast. Fast also means that he has no time to apply any aftershave balms or healing moisturizers post-shave. The key to healthy and glowing skin post-shave is by protecting it with nourishing aftershave balms and moisturizers. This step also minimizes any redness or shaving irritations caused by the rigors of shaving.

So if you are a dry shaver, consider switching to using a manual razor and a nice luxurious shave cream such as TwinLuxe’s Smooth Shave Cream. You will definitely notice after your first wet shave the immediate noticeable benefits: a much closer shave, smoother and no flaky skin, and no shaving redness or irritations.

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