Iced-tea-skin-care-benefits April 16, 2014

Review of SON&PARK Duo Skin Solution V Treatment Pack

April 2, 2014



Korean skin care products are hot these days as the latest beauty innovations have originated from South Korean cosmetics companies. One emerging brand we have noticed is SON&PARK (or known as ‘SONNPARK’ on their packaging). We are reviewing their Duo Skin Solution V Treatment Pack. The Son & Park Duo Skin Solution V Treatment Pack […]

Drinkable SPF Sunscreen Products?

March 24, 2014



Skincare miracles. Which product is the next best thing? Osmosis Skincare has an answer to that. They have recently developed a break-through “drinkable spf” sunscreen product called the UV Neutralizer-Tan. What does this product do and how does it work? Osmosis’ newest sun protection product is a purified water with an “innovative new technology that […]

Washing Your Face 101: What Not To Do

March 11, 2014



What are the things you should avoid when washing your face? Here are five simple tips we recommend not doing to get a better glow: 1. Rinsing with water that’s too hot Scalding hot water dries out the skin, as well as contributes to temporary skin redness. Avoid doing this especially during the Winter months […]

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Review of ZIRH Post-Shave: Erase & Soothe Gel

March 5, 2014



Men’s grooming powerhouse ZIRH has a wide array of shaving products and it is not surprising to see them offer a complete multi-step regimen for facial hair removal. Their premium ZIRH Platinum line is amazing as we have positively reviewed them in the past. This time we were able to get our hands on their […]

A Ban on Microbeads Used in Beauty Products

February 26, 2014



Since a lot of our readers use beauty products which contain microbeads in them, such as exfoliating products like face scrubs, body scrubs and ones found in toothpastes), we found it important to alert our community that legislation has been introduced in New York proposing the ban on plastic microbeads used in personal care products. […]

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Post-Workout Skin Care Tips for Men and Women

February 19, 2014



Staying in shape by exercising and hitting the gym should be part of everyone’s lifestyle. Not only do regular workouts help stimulate the human body processes, your body sweats and releases toxins. Exercise thus helps open skin pores and rejuvenates skin cells — things that help get you that younger looking glow. But are there […]

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